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April 23, 20187:30 am
We love u sun 🌅😊🙏❤️ @ North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
April 22, 20189:10 pm
Sistahs from another mothers 😉🤣💃🌺❤️🍍🌈🍷👠👙 @celmakai leilaalli_hawaii kealohe @gicavargas @ North…
April 20, 201812:32 am
Yes, if you are wondering, I used to bowl before I boogie 😀 and I always knew I would be back to…
April 19, 20186:07 pm
WOW crap surfing is paying off 😉😁 I had my best game last night: 279 scratch. Strung 10 strikes…
April 14, 20185:11 pm
This is cool 😀🙏
Mahalo for the support LidLife Bodyboarding…
April 11, 20189:16 pm
I don’t know why. But these guys are running an interview with me this Saturday. Great support.…
April 9, 20185:54 pm
Mahalo for the support lidlifebodyboarding 🙏😊💃❤️🌺🌈🌊🌴🙌 @ North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
April 6, 20189:02 pm
North Shore: "Gone, but never forgotten" 😂🤣😏😎
Brett Lillyman on pic #2018season #wintertime…
April 5, 20186:43 pm
It has definitely not being a very good surfing season but fortunately we have #TBT to remember…
April 4, 20183:09 am
I guess I can consider this as bad as a wipe out 😂🤣🌊🎳😉 #myfirsttime #fiveseventen #bowling…
March 28, 20187:42 pm
No complains, but 😉
I miss the old Hawaii and good Spring time days 😐
#OTW #goodwaves…
March 27, 20189:32 pm
Late pic. Yesterday’s sunset. 🌅🙌🙏❤️😊 @ North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
March 26, 20185:54 pm
WOW!!! I just won my second bowling tournament and I can't believe it…
March 25, 20186:54 pm
Yes, let the sun shine again 🙏🙌☀️🌅🌊🏄‍♀️🌈🌴❤️ @ North Shore, Hawaii
March 24, 201810:36 pm
Panela velha e' que faz comida boa??!!! 😂🤣
It was margaritas night 😍💃💕💎🌺 @ North Shore, Oahu,…
March 21, 20187:51 pm
Aloha girlfriends, here I am revealing to you all,
how TO GET SKINNY and still get FAT LIPS…
March 19, 20184:59 pm
Where are the waves at?? 😉🌊🌈☀️🙏😊 @ North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
March 14, 20189:23 pm
March 9, 20187:53 pm
I used to be lost when surf was crappy....
Now, I am found 😀🙏🎳🏆
#bowling #love #bowl #strike…
March 8, 20188:49 pm
So many beautiful women out there in my life that I want to wish all the best today but I will…
March 1, 20189:15 pm
When all you want to do it is to get barrelled :)
#TBT pic by akemisz @ North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
February 27, 20186:39 pm
It feels like it is Summer time already so #TBTuesday 🤣😂🙏🌊🌈☀️🌴 pic by dannywaynekeliiaablack @…
February 24, 20189:15 pm
Tomorrow I am telling all the history. Are you gonna miss it??!! Even I am excite to hear about…
February 23, 20182:33 am
A little bit of #TBT on air this coming Sunday 😉…
February 20, 20188:30 pm
February 20, 20188:30 pm
February 18, 20189:43 pm
Just a thought for today:
Love is patient, love is kind, it is not envious.…
February 14, 20186:06 pm
Be My Valentines??!!!
Happy Valentine's Day ❤️ @ North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
February 9, 20182:42 am
I don’t usually take pictures of my food but when it looks this good and you get great service.…
February 8, 20182:50 am

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