Claudia Ferrari
Meet Claudia

Claudia was born and grew up in one of the craziest cities in the world: Sao Paulo city in Brazil.
She has never liked the big city life.
After she got engaged on many different sports: swimming, gymnastics, bowling and volleyball, she found enjoyment and true passion at surfing and decided to move to the beach on an early age.
She got her start in bodyboarding over 30 years ago by surfing at
Guaruja’, a beach a hour from Sao Paulo.
She loves the ocean and one of the reasons why, she says, it is because her horoscope is Pieces 😀
She owned one of the first bodyboards ever in Brazil back in 1983.

Since then, Claudia has developed a life long love for the sport of
bodyboarding and dedicated herself to it.
She has competed many years in the world and national tours and has garnered numerous awards being the most impressive:

-2011 USA National VICE CHAMPION – USBA Tour

-2011 Women PIPELINE Contest VICE CHAMP – USBA Tour

-2011 Pounders Round-Up CHAMPION


-2008 USBA Senior Frog – National Guard Sandy Beach CHAMPION


-2006 USBA Sandy Beach CHAMPION



– 5 times Sao Paulo State CHAMPION

On 1990, she came to Hawaii for her first Winter time season and
absolutely felt in love with the place.
She has been living on the North Shore of Oahu for the past 25 years and as she likes to say: “she has been bodyboarding life away in
She was naturalized an American Citizen on 2006 after she was granted in 2000 by the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) with an American Green Card recognizing her as: “Extraordinary Ability
Athlete in the Sport of Bodyboarding”.


One of her biggest goals is to help the improvement and awareness of Women Bodyboarding in America and in the World.
She expects to achieve this by representing Hawaii in competitions, posting health and environmental daily tips on her personal web site and social media pages, selling little pieces of paradise on her online gifts store and working on Bodyboarding Clinics and Hawaii Surf/
Bodyboarding Tours.
She is also very environmental conscious and she likes to volunteer on beach clean ups and marine debris collection.
She has been consistently ranked as one of the Most Popular and
Inspirational Women Bodyboarders in the World by the leading
bodyboarding magazines and social media and was awarded the Most Inspirational Woman Bodyboarder by the Global Organization of Bodyboarders (GOB) in 1997.
She has been featured in major worldwide magazines and social media sites as you can check some of them out in the “Photos Gallery” page.
She has been traveling all over the world such places as: California, Tahiti, Indonesia (Bali, Java, Sumatra), Australia, Reunion Island, Japan, Europe (Portugal, France), South America (Brazil, Peru, Chile), Mexico and Malaysia.
Her next trip goals are: Jeffrey’s Bay, Fiji, West Coast Australia and Mentawai Islands/Indonesia.

On her own words:  “Bodyboarding makes me happy and healthy :)”

Aloha and Mahalo for your support !!